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How to fit an artwork into a Floating Frame

The Floating Frame is a modern, sleek and stylish type of picture frame where the artwork or photo rests between 2 sheets of glass, giving the impression as if the artwork is floating in midair.

Floating frames are great to accentuate an artwork against the texture of the wall on which the frame is hanging - so this kind of frame does especially well with walls that have a distinct texture like face brick or distressed concrete.

To fit an artwork in a floating frame you will need the following tools:

- tape of some sort (selotape or masking tape preferably)

- a pen

- a ruler or measuring tape

- a screw driver

Right lets get into it - this is how you fit an artwork in a floating frame .

1. Unscrew or bend the attachments which are holding down the glass backing of the floating frame.

2. Remove the back piece of glass, and put it to one side.

3. Using your ruler or tape measure, find the centre point of the backing glass now removed and mark it with a small piece of tape with a pen marking on it

4. Turn your artwork facing downwards so you see the back of the artwork. Now, mark the centre point of your artwork with a small piece of tape with a pen marking on it.

We now have an artwork and and backing glass with centre points marked.

5. Now we will need to attach the artwork to the back piece of glass so that no tape is visible to a viewer of the frame/artwork. To do this take some tape and fold it back on itself to create double-sided tape and place pieces of your self-made double sided tape on the back of your artwork which is still facing downwards.

6. Lift up your backing sheet of glass with the centre point marked and line up this point with the centre point on the back of your artwork. Place the glass on top of the artwork with the centre points lined up, ensuring that the edge of the artwork and edge of the frame are parallel.

The artwork and backing glass are now stuck together.

7. Clean both sheets of glass to ensure there are no finger prints visible.

8. Place the backing glass with attached artwork back into the frame with the front sheet of glass, so that the artwork is wedged between the two pieces of glass. Check that the edge of the artwork is still parallel with the frame.

9. Screw back in or bend the attachments on the frame which holds the glass backing down, so that both sheets of glass are firmly held in place.

Voila you now have a floating frame fitted with an artwork. Congratulations!

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