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How to frame a puzzle

There are two options to framing a puzzle, the glue method, and the non glue method. The great thing about our Frames Online frames is that either method will work provided you measured your puzzle accurately. So here we go.

1) Measure your puzzle in mm x mm and select the specs of the frame you require, use this link. Selecting a frame with a mat board can make your job harder and we recommend using the glue method if you elect to buy a frame with a mat board.

(Non-Glue Method)

2) Remove the backboard and glass of your frame. Place the glass over your completed frame, and turn the glass, puzzle and table over in one swift movement so that puzzles face is against the glass, with the glass on the bottom. (If your puzzle is in on table that cannot be effectively lifted/turned, use a piece of paper to slide under the puzzle and transfer it very carefully onto the frames backboard, and then place the glass on top).

3) Use a small amount of masking take along the edge of puzzle and tape it against the portion of the edge of glass where the frames rebate would hide the tape. This will help keep things together.

4) Place the backboard on the back of the frame. We now have a "sandwich" with the puzzle between glass and backboard.

5) Place the "sandwich" carefully back into the frame and close the pins. Make sure that the glass puzzle and backboard are securely held by the frame before moving it.

(Glue Method)

2) Slide a layer of wax paper under the puzzle. Protect the surface underneath the puzzle by carefully slipping something flat and disposable, such as wax paper, underneath the puzzle.

3) Use a rolling pin to flatten the puzzle. Small bumps and loose pieces can be evened out before gluing with a rolling pin. Press down on the rolling pin as you move it across the puzzle surface several times.

4) Brush puzzle glue over the surface of the puzzle. Purchase specialized jigsaw puzzle glue from a craft store or online. Use a paintbrush to apply this glue across the surface of the puzzle, covering the entire area with a thin layer. Pay special attention to the cracks between pieces.

5) Wait for the glue to dry.

6) Glue the puzzle to the backing board, ensuring that it is perfectly centered. Wait for this to dry, follow the glue instructions to this effect.

7) Place the glass (and mat board if opted) on top of the puzzle so you have a "sandwich" of glass, mat board (if opted) puzzle and backboard. Place this in the frame and close the pins up.

And Voila! You have your framed Puzzle - how fantastic!

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