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All of our frames are hand-made in South Africa to the highest standards using materials that are assured to present and preserve your artwork or photograph to highest visual and archival standards.


Each frame is handcrafted and made to order by our experienced framing team at our workshop in Boksburg, East of Johannesburg. 

Frame Moulds

All of our frame moulds are profiled in house, and sourced from locally grown clear pine.


Pine is a sturdy yet lightweight timber,  which has low impact on the environment since it is grown sustainably right here in South Africa and is therefore the perfect material to construct beautiful, environmentally friendly picture frames! 


The addition of a matboard or mounting board to a picture frame can give it the distinct finishing touches it needs to accentuate the art piece or photograph.


Here at Frames Online we use only Peterboro mat boards, a producer of acid free papers known for their exemplary performance and archival abilities. Peterboro boards are constructed to the strictest standards as set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild.


For the glaze, 2mm clear floating glass is used for its excellent visual and preservation properties, and the authentic feel that it gives a picture frame that acrylics or plastics simply cannot achieve.


Glass, although heavier than other glazing materials, is unmatched in terms of its ability to present and protect an artwork, and of course, it is 100% recyclable.